Used car purchase

ALD Automotive offers its customers to purchase cars after the end of the operating lease term. Buying a car is an opportunity to buy a well-known car at an affordable price.

How to request a car purchase price?

  • Go to the portal Moi ALD
  • Click on the “Buy a car” (Выкуп автомобиля) window
  • Fill in necessary information to send an application

The “Buy a car” (Выкуп автомобиля) window will appear 30 days earlier the contract end date

Автомобиль с пробегом

If you have any questions about the process of buying a car, please call: +7 495 937 37 62

When requesting the cost of an already returned car, requests must be sent to an e-mail

In case of early return (earlier than 1 month), a written consent from your fleet manager for early termination of the contract must be attached to the request.