Traffic fines processing

Operating leasing includes traffic fines processing and fines payment control

Penalties for violation of traffic rules are the responsibility of the driver and are not covered by the terms of the car rental agreement.

How traffic fines are paid?

ALD Automotive, as the owner of all vehicles in fleet, receives information about all traffic fines according to state systems. ALD Automotive pays these fines. Further, the user will independently refund traffic fine payment. If the user did not manage to refund the payment, then ALD Automotive invoices the company.

How can a user refund traffic fine sum?

The user independently reimburses the payment for the penalty through online payment by an individual link in an email or on the portal Moi ALD.

What advantages does ALD Automotive offer regarding the processing of fines?

This system of payment of fines by ALD Automotive removes the load from the transport management departments of the company, HR and Admin departments, since the user has the opportunity to independently pay his fines.

In addition, it allows users to pay their fines with a 50% discount and monitor their violations on the Moi ALD portal.