ALD Automotive offers additional service - installation of telematics equipment ALD ProFleet - make the process of fleet monitoring and control easier and more convenient.

Fleet management requires a careful check of details, as well as permanent monitoring of vehicles and drivers.

ALD ProFleet allows to optimize fleet management costs and provides a fleet manager with a full picture of total fleet usage. 

ALD Automotive telematics

Advantages of additional service Telematics ProFleet from ALD Automotive:

  • On-line monitoring of a large number of vehicles
  • Details of the vehicle movements
  • Control and accounting of fuel
  • Visual inspection of violations
  • More than 30 different reports
  • Unloading in PDF, Excel, XML
  • Events (instant awareness): Control zones, route execution
  • Adaptation of the reports to a Customer’s needs
  • Evaluation of driving style