Short-term car rental

Use our additional service "short-term car rental", if you need a replacement vehicle from 1 day to several months

If you need a car for a short term from 1 day to several months, ALD Automotive will provide you a Relief Car service.

We take care of the mobility of our customers, so we work in partnership with major suppliers of short-term lease market in Russia.

ALD Automotive organizes the reservation with the short-term vehicle rental company and coordinate replacement vehicle delivery with user. The replacement vehicle is available by including a fixed amount of rental days in the monthly payment or by request, when the cost is re-invoiced. 

A replacement vehicle, not included in the full service operational leasing contract, can be also provided in the following cases:

  • While waiting for a vehicle under full service operational leasing to be delivered.
  • Throughout the trial period of a new employee who will benefit from a vehicle under full service operational leasing
  • In case of a vehicle breakdown (the car is in operational leasing)


  • You benefit from the preferential rates negotiated by ALD Automotive with its partners.
  • All costs are covered by ALD Automotive: from booking to invoicing, your employees have nothing to pay. Related costs will be re-invoiced to the company.
  • Replacement vehicle available all across Russia.
  • Insurance clauses are included in short-term rental contracts.
  • Simply and easy to order.