Full service leasing from ALD Automotive covers all scheduled maintenance and repairs works, as well as unscheduled repairs works as part of the normal tear and wear

ALD Automotive works with a wide network of dealerships in more than 250 cities of Russia. We select suppliers according to our quality standards, so that your fleet will always be in an excellent condition.

Which services are included in the operating leasing package?

The range of operating lease services includes full technical maintenance, which includes scheduled and unscheduled repairs (as part of normal wear and tear). Scheduled maintenance is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the carmanufacturer. By covering unplanned repairs, you are protected against unforeseen expenses.

How the workflow is conducted?

ALD Automotive takes care of the entire document flow with service providers.

How can a user sign up for maintenance and repairs?

In order to register for maintenance and repairs, we recommend to contact the User Support Service. Thanks to the extensive network of partners, the user will be offered a convenient place and time for repairs.

The KPI system with service providers, as well as a system of constant control and monitoring allows ALD Automotive to provide customers with high quality services