Fuel Card

ALD Automotive works with the largest suppliers in the fuel card market, which guarantees customers a wide coverage network of fuel stations, as well as the ability to choose a supplier depending on the region of a car use

Benefits of additional Fuel Card service from ALD Automotive:

  • ALD Automotive takes care of the registration formalities such as issuance and reissuance of fuel cards, resolving of conflict situations.
  • Single invoice for all fuel transactions
  • Document management system with ALD Automotive simplifies VAT refund.
  • If it’s necessary, you can pay for the car wash with your fuel car
  • Each card has a PIN code. In case of loss or theft, the card will be blocked and a new one will be released.
  • The reports will help you to check any transactions made with the card, and to detect any deviations.
  • The opportunity to constantly monitor the use of the card: with the card holder and vehicle information