Car Return

After the end of the car rental period, the vehicle should be returned to ALD Automotive

You no longer need to sell cars from your fleet - ALD Automotive will take care about used cars. You just return vehicles and order new cars. All risks connected with used car prices are upon us. 

What are the rules of a car return process?

All return rules are specified in the Return Guide, a special brochure issued to the user together with the car.

Can a user purchase a car after the end of the rental period?

Yes, ALD Automotive customers have a priority right to buy a car.

How to find out the cost of purchasing a car?

You can find out the cost of buying a car not earlier than 1 month before the end of the contract on the Moi ALD online portal in the "Vykup Avtomobilya" (Выкуп автомобиля) section on the website