Program with Jaguar Land Rover

The partnership program with Jaguar Land Rover car brand allows legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to rent any new JLR car with a fixed monthly rental payment with a period of up to 5 years.

Thanks to the Program, use your Land Rover is convenient and profitable, because a fixed monthly payment includes: buying a new car, full insurance (OSAGO, DSAGO, KASKO), registration in GIBDD, all maintenance and repairs, a seasonal set of tires, tire change and storage, road assistance 24/7, payment of taxes, customer service 24/7.


The program allows you to solve a large number of important business tasks:

  • Optimize costs and time for servicing the car;
  • Focus on developing your business;
  • Eliminate the headache associated with the maintenance of the car (insurance, car sale, maintenance, etc.);
  • Fix monthly transportation costs;
  • Save money in business so that it works for your profit;
  • Reduce the tax base (since the car is not the property of your company and is not taken into account on its balance sheet).


At the end of leasing period, following options are available:

  • extend the leasing term;
  • replace the car with the new one;
  • purchase current car.