Full Service Leasing

Full service leasing (operational leasing) with ALD Automotive is easy and profitable. Full service leasing helps companies optimize fleet costs, reduce investment in the acquisition of new cars, and eliminate the risks of residual and repair costs during the car usage period.

Full service leasing is a long-term car rental with a full package of services, including daily management of your company's fleet

You just choose cars for your business, their rental period and mileage, and we will take care of the rest. Employees of your company can focus on their daily activities, knowing that their cars are in the hands of professionals.

Full service leasing is suitable for companies with one car or with a large fleet of thousands of cars.

How it works?

ALD Automotive leasing

What steps should be taken to outsource the fleet to full service leasing?

  • You need to choose the car make and model. The manager in ALD Automotive will help you choose the right car in accordance with your budget and corporate policy
  • Coordination of the rental period and annual mileage. The manager in ALD Automotive will offer the optimal ratio of rental period and mileage.
  • Calculation of a fixed monthly payment. The payment is valid from the moment you receive the car until the end of the rental period.


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