Central office in Moscow

If you have any questions / complaints, concerning car maintenance (insurance, technical inspection, repair, GIBDD fines, correction and reconciliation of bills), please contact: 

8 800 505 04 03 or you can write an e-mail to: ru.service.moscow@aldautomotive.com 

Our address: Varshavskoe shosse 25A, build. 6, 117105, Moscow, Russia 

Tel.: +7 (495) 510 28 58 

How to reach us: 

By metro: 

You need to use the last carriage that comes from the city center, and then you should go through the glass doors of exit and turn right. You will see the tram –lines, you will have to cross them and use any tram that goes in the direction of center. Then you need to get off at “Stadium Trud Station”. After getting off, you need to turn right and go straight down till restaurant Royal Palace. Then you see security post which you need to pass through and then you walk right until you see the steps that you need to come down. When you enter the business center building you need to come up to the reception and tell that you are expected in ALD Automotive. Then you need to use elevators that are located on the right side. Our office is at the 4th floor.

By car:

If you choose to go by car, you need to send car make &model and  registration plate number to your contact person in ALD so he/she can order a pass. You can only drive up to the business center building from Varshavskoe shosse side.